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Soo it`s me again, hahah i think i`m one of the only ones who are posting here! Well I am here with celina b. and sean lolan and ellen hanna and yaa it’s nice here((:  


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After a long journey and a late flight, our friends from Liechtenstein have finally arrived and it’s great to see them! While the rain stayed away, it is a little cold! We’ve had a good first day – meeting the Mayor of Ballinasloe, Mike Kelly, taking a walk through the town, some shoe shopping and a BBQ! Tired but happy!!

merets first post

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Today we`ve had our first day in Irleland! We`ve meet the irish people! They are sooo nice! Everything here is so cute! We, the girls, also bought shoes! They costed 10 euros per pair:OOO kizz meret:**