Good morning!

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Morning of the second day in Schellenberg: Seems to become a beautiful day! As the forecast promised yesterday. This is very important ’cause today our main activity in the afternoon will be hiking to the “Pfälzerhütte”. (And stay there for the night…. more later on) In the morning we will continue working on our video-making-workshop, which we started yesterday. Unfortunately our irish friends experienced the weather from back home ’cause it was pelting down with rain as we visited the capital city of Vaduz. Stay tuned for further updates and follow us on twitter for real-time updates!

Less than two weeks left!

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Tell your friends and parents about our exchange! Keep updated here on our website ( and via twitter ( Looking forward to the exchange! Brian

27 Days left!

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27 Days left!
Only 27 Days away from the beginning of the second Part Hope to see ya all well in Liechtenstein! Greetings from Turkey! Brian