• Good morning!

    Morning of the second day in Schellenberg: Seems to become a beautiful day! As the forecast promised yesterday. This is very important ’cause today our main activity in the afternoon will be hiking to the “Pfälzerhütte”. (And stay...

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  • Less than two weeks left!

    Tell your friends and parents about our exchange! Keep updated here on our website (www.voices-without-limits.eu) and via twitter (www.twitter.com/vwl_2012) Looking forward to the exchange! Brian

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  • 27 Days left!

    27 Days left!

    Only 27 Days away from the beginning of the second Part Hope to see ya all well in Liechtenstein! Greetings from Turkey! Brian  

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Photos, Photos and Photos!

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Right now im working on putting the Photos on the Website! Hope we get them up until today Greets & Good Night (it’s 00:18) Brian

i’m sexy and i know it…

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what a great day!! yeah !!

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hi there, today we had really good fun.  in the morning we went caving, into a deep, dark cave, scary but amazing. everyone got wet and dirty, but at least we we’re still sexy at lunchtime, the best group, #3, had to do the kitchen and they were really brilliant. so we were ready to go kayaking.  good fun with falling into deep cold water, yeah lonan, you were the first after all, how much is the fish, aiden?   42! herbert for president and brian for prime minister! greetz esther

Happy Sunday

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Soo it`s me again, hahah i think i`m one of the only ones who are posting here! Well I am here with celina b. and sean lolan and ellen hanna and yaa it’s nice here((:  


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After a long journey and a late flight, our friends from Liechtenstein have finally arrived and it’s great to see them! While the rain stayed away, it is a little cold! We’ve had a good first day – meeting the Mayor of Ballinasloe, Mike Kelly, taking a walk through the town, some shoe shopping and a BBQ! Tired but happy!!

merets first post

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Today we`ve had our first day in Irleland! We`ve meet the irish people! They are sooo nice! Everything here is so cute! We, the girls, also bought shoes! They costed 10 euros per pair:OOO kizz meret:**  

Its Blogging Time

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this is a test

… last but not least …

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Schellenberg, April 5th, 2012 Peter is making the final settings and little tweaks for taking this blog to to public tonight! See you in Ireland!      

Working on our Website

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It’s Saturday 31.03.2012. Just six days left for the start of our Youth Exchange between Liechtenstein and Ireland. On this Website you will get all information about this Exchange The First Part will be from April 6th to April 13th in Burren and Ballinasloe, Ireland Stay Tuned!